Collection: Paperweights

Over the generations the family has built their business on the many different designs the paperweight has to offer. On this page you will find the first five Zimmerman designs: Swirl, 3-Lily, Single Flower, 5-Bubble and Pond Lily represented in three sizes; P-6/small, P-12/medium and P-18/large. The nostalgia of the size names (P-6, P-12, P-18) derives from the original prices; P-6 equals Price $6 for a dozen small paperweights, P-12 equals $12 for a dozen medium paperweights and P-18 equals $18 for a dozen large paperweights. While the prices have changed the beauty and quality have remained the same. Dimensions: P-6/Small: 2.5" diameter , P-12/Medium :3" to 3.25" diameters, P-18/Large: 3.5" to 4" diameters