Over the generations the family has built their business on the many different designs the paperweight has to offer. On this page you will find the first five Zimmerman designs: Swirl, 3-Lily, Single Flower, 5-Bubble and Pond Lily represented in three sizes; P-6/small, P-12/medium and P-18/large. The nostalgia of the size names (P-6, P-12, P-18) derives from the original prices; P-6 equals Price $6 for a dozen small paperweights, P-12 equals $12 for a dozen medium paperweights and P-18 equals $18 for a dozen large paperweights. While the prices have changed the beauty and quality have remained the same. Dimensions: P-6/Small: 2.5" diameter , P-12/Medium :3" to 3.25" diameters, P-18/Large: 3.5" to 4" diameters

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