Kerry "I have a good story about that" Zimmerman

The name says it all. Pick a subject and wait for the tall tales to begin. Kerry started his career after college and soon found that the life of a combination artist and local hero was for him. Hang out at the factory any day and you will witness the warmth and gratitude the community shares for Kerry and his contribution to the town of Corydon. And remember…what is said at the Glass Factory stays at the Glass Factory!

Melanie "In your face" Uhl

Melanie joined the Glass Factory in April of 2015 and is the backbone, ribs, and funny bone of the business. She is the office manager, which includes everything on the air-conditioned side of the building. In 2019 she stepped into the heat, picked up a rod and blew us away with her skills. She continues to keep a handle on the office, customer service, internet and locals-with-attitude.


Alex is one of the 5th generation glass blowers in the Zimmerman family. He is the son of Kerry and Michele. Alex started working full time at the shop in July 2023 and has brought new ideas, products, and camaraderie.

Alex holds a Bachelor of Arts in History and Doctorate of Pharmacy. He worked as a full time pharmacist for 11 years prior to coming to the shop.

He enjoys hunting and playing baseball in the yard with his wife and 2 kids.