Color Charts

All of our pieces start with a clear gather of glass from the 2000 degree furnace. Color is added by rolling the gather in frit; small pieces of broken colored glass. We purchase most of our colored glass from Kokomo Opalescent in Kokomo, Indiana. They are the oldest, longest running sheet glass company in the country. If you hear pounding in the back parking lot you can be assured that we are “busting up color” to add to our art. Viking Glass and Fosteria Glass pieces are repurposed (aka “busted up”) to achieve the beautiful red color that is no longer produced. Other colored glass we use comes from Kugler, Rickenbach, Bullseye and Spectrum.

First Row: Black, Candy Corn, Cobalt Blue, Emerald Green
Second Row: Fall Color, Forest Green, Indian Corn, Jingle Bells
Third Row: Lime Green, Navy Blue, Neon Orange, Orange
Fourth Row: Sky Blue, Teal, Water Blue, White
Fifth Row: Yellow