Glass Unity Ceremony


A one of a kind CEREMONY that will make your wedding unique. PICK YOUR COLORS of glass frit to match your wedding colors. (Frit are small pebbles of broken glass similar to sand.) Invite your mothers and fathers to SYMBOLICALLY POUR THE COLORED GLASS FRIT into one vessel** to represent the unity of the two families. After your wedding, BRING US YOUR GLASS FRIT. Choose from any of our products and we will use your glass frit to MAKE YOUR CUSTOM GLASS PIECE. We can also STORE YOUR GLASS FRIT for FUTURE ORDERS  We will send reminders on your anniversary so you can continue to add to your collection. A $40 deposit goes toward the CUSTOM GLASS ART of your choice.

 **Locally, we offer a complimentary set of clear vases and a vessel to pour your frit into.**